Wednesday, June 28, 2017
Email Client- Windows Live Mail (WLM) /2011

If this is your first time opening Windows live mail you will not need to open the mail accounts. If however the new account window does not appear when you open Windows live mail. Then you will need to click the blue rectangular box in the top left corner. Go down to options. Then Click on 'Email accounts...'

A new window will now appear. Here we will click the 'Add' Button

A new window will appear after clicking add. The next windows is asking us what type of account we wish to add, choose Email Account. Click next.

*If you are opening WLM for the first time you will be presented with this window.
Now we will be asked for some information. First the email address. Second your password. and Lastly the name you will want email recipients to identify you as. If you put your whole name they will see that. If you input a nick name or family name they will see this when you correspond with people via email.

Lets go and put a check in make this my default email account - if its present.

Also lets check the box below which states " manually configure server settings"

Click - Next

Lets start by clicking in the outgoing server information box. Fill in the server address, check both these boxes require a secure... and requires authentication. Change the port to 465
Now we want to fill in the server address for the pop server: check the requires authentication box.
lastly our login name is our Email address for example:
Click Next

On this last screen of account creation click finish as we are done.

We may be directed to the accounts window, if so click close. We are done.
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