Monday, June 26, 2017


Computer Repair Rates



Standard Tune-Up $55.00  
In Office Repair $45.00 + Bench First Hour
In Office Repair $45.00 Hourly Rate
Out of Office $65.00 (variable)
First Hour
Out of Office $55.00 Hourly Rate
Training Sessions $25.00 Hourly Rate
Pickup/Delivery $15.00 Add-on**
Rush Service  $15.00  Add-on**
1 Day Turn Around $45.00  Add-on**
Recycling Fee Varies  


Bench - When a device hits our bench for our technicians to work on, there is automatically assigned a $10.00 bench fee.

** Add-on services:

Rush Service - Your computer will be pushed ahead of any other computers which are in line. When a computer is removed from the bench a rushed computer will be placed in that spot.

1 Day Turn AroundFor individuals who need it now. Your computer must be brought into the office no later then 10:00 AM, and barring any hardware that may be needed to repair your computer. It will be out and finished by 5:30 PM. There is no additional fee for this service since a dedicated technician will be on your computer until its finished. If a 1 day turn-around is not possible, customer will be advised.

Pickup / Delivery Service - Those that are unable or skeptical about unhooking their computer to get it repaired, we do offer this service. We will come to your house, figure out exactly what you are experiencing, disconnect it, & bring it to our office to repair at our hourly in office rate. Once work is concluded, we will transport the computer back to your place of residence, reconnect it, and ensure everything is working properly once more.


Our Gurantee

At Olympic Wi-Fi we want you to be happy with the work you have us do on your computer. Since you may use your computer every day you might notice something we missed, or things may not seem just right. If this is the case we want you to call us within (5) five business days and we will fix this for no additional charge.

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