Monday, June 26, 2017

Here at Olympic Wi-Fi, we offer a new type of Internet service. Our service is designed to cater to our customer and their needs. It is also followed by a belief that Internet service should be using all available technology to monitor and guarantee a better quality of service. The embodiment of these concepts has set Olympic Wi-Fi to be designed from the ground up with the user in mind.

·         Internet Virus Scanning

·         Internet Grey-Ware Scanning

·         E-Mail Virus Scanning

·         24/7 Internet link monitoring


Internet Virus Scanning, how does that work?

Our wireless customers’ Internet traffic is all parsed through a hardware firewall here at our office which scans the Internet traffic for infected files or content. Our scanning system is designed to be fast and non-obtrusive to your Internet use. Viruses and malware infections are removed while you browse the web passively. On larger infections you are alerted that the page you are requesting is infected and directed away from the dangerous content.


What is grey-ware and why scan for it?

Grey-ware is much like a virus. Grey-ware encapsulates malware, BHO's, and spyware. This term grey-ware simply covers the basis of mentioning all three. Now the reason we would scan for grey-ware is because it is more prominent then viruses and hence tends to cause more damage then viruses today.


24 hour monitoring, what are we monitoring?

Olympic Wi-Fi has specialized software that monitors changes in customers’ SM's (subscriber modules) which might have an effect on their service. The software also gives us live reports of Internet utilization and capabilities of a customer’s link. The management system employed here allows us to often find a problem with a customer’s Internet service before they are aware of any problems.

Our Internet link monitoring shows us the status of your Internet quality at all times in a recorded log. If there is a problem with your Internet connection we are able to see this and help you resolve the problem. Whether your routers Internet cable is unplugged, something has lost power, or your Internet signal is substandard, we are there for you. Olympic Wi-Fi has the commitment to not only continually expand our network but monitor the life cycle of our existing customers Internet.

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