Monday, June 26, 2017

Email Configuration 

Please select the email client that you use from the list below. will be replaced by the .com you chose or what assigned to you.

Example: If your email address is then when it states you will in-turn input

Email Clients:

 Client Action
  *The automation tool does not work for Customers

Outlook Express
 New  Modify
 Windows Mail
 New  Modify
 Outlook XP / 2003
 New  Modify
 Outlook 2007
 New  Modify
 Thunderbird  New  Modify    
 Mac Mail 3.1
 New  Modify    
 Windows Live Mail
 New  Modify    

*I am receiving a password error on my email account (Read Me)

Mail Servers
Our mail server settings have changed as of 10.1.2011
 Type     port
 SMTP    465
 SSL   yes
 SMTP  Auth required (not SPA)
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